One-Stop Solution

We provide various services to meet your logistics needs.

Shipping Agencies

We are proud to be associated with a public listed shipping company namely:
Perkapalan Dai Zhun Lines is a public listed shipping company in Malaysia covering a service through Singapore, West Malaysia, East Malaysia, North Asia Indian sub-continent, Yangoon, Vietnam and other Indo-China Territories.

Stevedoring and Custom Brokerage

With a good relationship with the port authorities and expertise in ship management, we are able to offer ship owners port clearances and vessel provisioning and procurement.

Logistics Services

We are able to undertake inventory management for stock distribution for both domestic and International export trade. We can also assist in requirements such as inter module trucking and other logistics activities.

Air Freight Services

The main advantages we have compared to the major corporations is that we provide a very "special-to-type" service for customers time sensitive shipments and each of our team are very much "hands on". Regardless it its a small packages, mid-sized, oversize volume, with our contract rates with major airlines partner our team shall provide customize service with the most suitable cost effective to meet customer unique needs and expectations.

Project Handling

With our well maintained vessels and well trained staff, we provide shippers with highest level service and timely shipments, ensure the best for your business.